Vacationing During Coronavirus: Should You? Can You?

Yes, we are all living through a historic pandemic.  But after 3 months of staying-at-home/working-from-home, my husband and I were in need of a break. We were sick of our house. So  I planned a "safe-cation", a two-night socially distanced get-away. But where to go? Some place close- ideally, within Massachusetts. Our state's Covid-19 cases … Continue reading Vacationing During Coronavirus: Should You? Can You?

Coronavirus Update: Home All Day

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has ordered everyone to stay home.  Whoo hoo! I'm a homebody anyway; writing , walking,  baking, reading, gardening. The best things in my life happen here. Not so much for my husband; a university professor who is suddenly working from home and adapting his lectures to … Continue reading Coronavirus Update: Home All Day