Mother’s Day Memories In The Time of Covid-19



                      Grainy photos from Mother’s Days past. Miss those navy blazers!


Mother’s Day has long been one of my favorite days of the year.

Among many other things (including writer and New Englander) “mother of four” defines me. My children are grown – my boys are 31, 29 and 27; my “little” girl is 24.  My job is done. They are healthy, productive and independent adults. And yes, they all pay their own rent.

As a daughter, I am also thinking about my Mom this weekend.  Sadly, I won’t be giving her a hug this Mother’s Day. My 82-year-old parents live in a nearby  independent living community but because of covid-19, I haven’t seen them since mid-February. I miss them.

Lucky me to have had lots of happy Mother’s Day memories over the years. Our family’s Mother’s Day tradition can perhaps best be summed up with “Boston Hotel Mother’s Day Brunches That I Have Known and Loved.” Especially when the kids were little, it was a treat for me to get dressed up to dine in a fancy downtown restaurant.

Back in those days, the Hyatt  in Cambridge had a Mother’s Day brunch in its revolving restaurant – the Spinnaker- which was a huge hit with my crew. Then there was the the buffet at the Parker House with the chocolate fountain where my boys left small, dark brown handprints all over the striped silk banquette. To this day, I remember the sympathetic glances by the Parker House waitstaff.

The four people who don’t live here anymore are rarely here together.  They still (usually) come home for Christmas. If I insist, they will come home for a milestone birthday. But the last time we were all together for Mother’s Day was in 2014 when the day coincided with my youngest son’s college graduation-  and it was one of my favorites of all.

This year, many of us can’t be together for Mother’s Day. The day will look a little different thanks to state-wide stay-at-home orders. On my wish list? A day off from cooking.  I’ll be ordering Middle East inspired brunch take- out from Tatte (lamb hash, fattoush salad and chocolate croissants ). And flowers. Lots of flowers.  There will be phone calls, texts and Zoom. I’ll cherish being close to my family-even if  this year we need to keep a distance.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Memories In The Time of Covid-19

  1. I enjoyed reading your poignant thoughts and imagining the happy times those pictures commemorate


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