The Milk Man Cometh

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It’s 8:30 on Tuesday morning and I hear the sound of a time gone by, the clink of glass milk bottles being placed in the aluminum cooler box on my front porch.

My milk delivery brings me great joy. Every week since last spring, the blue Thatcher Farm truck delivers milk right to my doorstep.  This is farm fresh milk – it  tastes far superior than what is available from the grocery store and the cost is not much more. And I  just love the feel of those glass bottles (which are recycled, cutting plastic waste).

Lately, in the interest of reducing my dependence on the chain grocery stores, I have been seeking out ways to better connect with my food sources.  This summer and fall, I  went (and walked !) to the Newton Farmer’s Market nearly every week. And I joined Massachusetts Audubon’s Drumlin Farms CSA   this summer as well.

Clearly, I should have had milk delivery during the years when I had four small children underfoot. What a life-saver that would have been !

But even as an empty nester couple, my order is fairly large and typically includes a dozen eggs, a quart of milk  and three pints of light cream (I am a heavy coffee drinker).  Masoud always gets a pint of homemade coffee ice cream .  My indulgence?  A quart of homemade lemon honey Greek yogurt -which probably has as many calories as that ice cream!

Thatcher, like most milk delivery services today, offers a lot more than just dairy products- including bread, juice, and pre-made meals. I’m all about made-from-scratch cooking, but I’ve also ordered bacon, sausage, honey and maple syrup.  All  of the products are local and everything has been of the very highest quality.

Modern milk delivery ordering (and payment) is on-line.  I can make changes up until the day before delivery.  The whole process really couldn’t be simpler.

If you are invested in the locavore movement, milk delivery is a wonderful option.  Interested in making the switch? Google “milk delivery near me” and see what is available.

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