Recap: “No Access Boston’s” Book Launch Party at the Waterworks Museum

IMG_1634 2
Speaking in front of the Allis Engine. (Photo by Linda Rosenthal)

Every book I write is a journey with lots of research -and loads of alone time. It wasn’t until I had written my fourth book (Discovering Vintage Boston) that it occurred to me to have a book launch party to celebrate the end of months of self-imposed exile. I’m food and wine obsessed anyway- so hosting a party is actually my idea of fun.  And I’ve since discovered that book launch parties are a great way to help with marketing and promotion- before the event and for many weeks after.


For No Access Boston, the Waterworks Museum was a natural choice to host the book launch. The museum really represents what No Access Boston is all about. It’s a small museum that is out-of -the way and focuses on a very specific collection. In this case, three historic steam-powered water pumping engines.

I think that the story of the Waterworks Museum turned out to be one of the best in the book. It is also one of the longest sections – with nearly 1000 words. My interview with the museum’s Director, Eric Peterson, gave me a wealth of information about the building’s architecture,  engineering, and the public drinking water system in 19th century Boston. Linda Rosenthal, a resident of the Waterworks Condominium Complex, provided some spectacular photos to go along with the story.

We were a crowd ! I think that nearly 80 people showed up- including my husband, my 26- and 28-year-old sons, Mom friends,  many of my neighbors, old college friends,  new friends, book club friends,  residents of the Waterworks Condominiums and a good number of engineering professors from Wentworth and Northeastern. For nearly everyone,  this was their first time visiting the Waterworks Museum.  I can’t thank everyone enough for coming and supporting me.

Selling and signing !

Book launches are a bit formulaic: author talks, author sells and signs books. There is usually crudités, cookies and water.  I knew that the Great Engines Hall  would offer a unique back drop for this book talk- and we would have access to the entire museum during the event.  That the timing  of the evening coincided with a glorious sunset over the Chestnut Hill Reservoir on a perfect early summer day was a bonus!

Greatly contributing to the success of the book launch was the food by Season To Taste Catering , wine and beer by Gordon’s Wine  and bar tending by Premier Bartending & Catering (shout-out to Jean for his excellent service!).  Everything was coordinated by the Waterworks’s Event Manager Rebecca Lawyer. I can’t say enough about how seamlessly everything – from table arranging , to food delivery to the AV set -up went together. The Waterworks Museum arranged for parking guidance and had their very best docent volunteers on hand to answer guest’s (many!) questions.

Pushed out the boat with these grilled vegetable and charcuterie platters by Season to Taste Catering.
A  man with his cash box and Square reader ! (Photo by Linda Rosenthal)

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