Book Launch Party for “No Access Boston”!

The cover is Symphony Hall, home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. One of my favorite places in the city !

I am so excited to announce the book launch for my newest title, No Access Boston, (Globe Pequot) at the Waterworks Museum  (2450 Beacon St., Boston) on Wednesday, June 19th at 7PM.

No Access Boston is my 6th book- and I loved it when my daughter Leda compared its publication to Tom Brady and his Super Bowl wins. How New England-y is that????

I am often asked what No Access Boston is all about? My mandate was fairly open- I wanted to highlight the city’s surprising, unusual, hidden or little-known places.

The Waterworks Museum is all of these things. The Waterworks Museum is a quirky and fun place for anyone interested in architecture, history and engineering. And it’s a free museum too!

Opened in 1887 as the Chestnut Hill Water Pumping Station, the museum sits on the site of what was Boston’s principal water pumping station until the 1970’s. Architecturally, it is a stunning building, inspired by the style of H.H. Richardson (the designer of Boston’s Trinity Church).

I’ll be speaking in the shadow of the museum’s coal powered steam driven water pumps in the Great Engines Hall. The 5-story Allis engine may look familiar- it is very similar in design of the steam engine that was on the Titanic.

24. page 65
The Allis Engine (Photo courtesy of Linda Rosenthal )

These water pumps were marvels of engineering in their day and were quite literally the engines for New England’s industrialization in the 19th century and for the growth of Boston into a modern city.

How little- known is the Waterworks Museum? It’s located on the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, just 2 miles from my house- and even I had not visited until I started working on this project.

Waterworks Park
A view of the Waterworks Museum along the Chestnut Hill Reservoir (Photo courtesy of Linda Rosenthal)

We have after-hours access to the museum and museum guides will also be on hand to explain the workings of the engines.

I think that it is going to be my best book launch ever. I’ll do a reading and sign books. There will be light refreshments as well.  The book launch is free and open to the public so all are welcome. I am looking forward to introducing No Access Boston to the public.


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