Day Trips New England: Lots of Changes Over the Past Three Years

Changes in Stowe Vermont !

I just finished rewriting Day Trips New England. Of all my books, Day Trips New England is my most comprehensive and most wide ranging. Originally published in 2011 , it is now in its 3rd edition. It has been 3 years since the last revision and boy, have there been lots of changes !  Here are five New England travel trends that hopefully will stand the test of time.

Restaurants. Everyone wants more restaurant recommendations. Even with  Yelp, TripAdvisor and Zagat, travelers want to know the best places to dine for every  location and every situation . So this go-around I’ve added lots more restaurant reviews-my favorite kind of site visit and one of my favorite kinds of writing.

Hotels. Even chain hotels want to be perceived as “boutique”. These days, creating “a sense of place” is hugely important with Instagram-worthy hotel design and a high level of personal service setting the bar high- and New England travelers benefit!

A longer travel season. Traditionally, New England’s travel season for the  coastal destinations- the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket , Block Island and Maine was May through September. Now many coastal hotels  and restaurants are opening in April and closing in late fall. New England’s ski destinations too have a longer season. More and more  resorts  are open year-round offering  activities like zip lines, mountain biking and golf.

Farm-to-table and free Wi-Fi. When New England Day Trips was first published, farm-to-table was a trend. Now, if a restaurant isn’t farm-to-table  I would be hesitant to recommend it. And years ago, free Wi-fi  and flat screen TV’s were the much desired, latest amenities. Now, both are expected in even entry level hotels and the smallest of inns .

Vineyard and Brewery Travel. Day Trips New England gives readers 50 pre-planned itineraries throughout the region. When it was first published, I had my doubts about the staying power of the vineyard and brewery itineraries. I was wrong. The vineyards and breweries in the region are thriving with many expanding their product lines and  increasing  public visitor hours.



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